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Hi! My name is Daniel Mattei. I’m a director and filmmaker, living and working in downtown Phoenix, AZ. 

With the goal of acting, I studied theatre and film courses in West Palm Beach, Florida. I became fascinated with the overall craft of storytelling. From the screenplay, to set work; I loved it all, but there was no doubt in my mind, I had to make a movie. I graduated, bought a DSLR and fully dedicated myself to perfecting my skills behind the camera. After working on local commercials, and wedding videos, I attempted my first short film, which played in local theaters in Vermont and Phoenix, and got some local love in my hometown paper. 

I moved into the agency space teaming up with a company called Axiom. As a full time crew member, I did everything from direct and operate camera, to editing, organizing and cataloging our database of footage. After a two year stint, I moved into the health and fitness arena, working as the senior filmmaker for EXOS, a human performance company. Their work ranges from Combine training for future NFL players, to physical therapy educational courses. 

I recently directed a horror short, and have an affinity for the suspense thriller genre, and I have my sights set on directing a feature in the near future. I believe that my work can impact the greater good as well as entertain and that is why my heart is truly in it for story, and the power that film has in effecting change. Whether directing a commercial, or my first feature film, I aim to impact the mind and heart of my audience through excellent craft, and well executed story. 

IfI don’t see you on set, then I hope to see you in the theatre.

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Daniel and his wife, Grace work together to make cinematic wedding videos for couples as well as awesome brand content. You can see more of their work at The Visualists website.